Summerheights takes 2012 Valley League title

The Morrisburg team’s gross score of 896 was enough to put them in third place at this year’s Ladies Valley League tournament held at Morrisburg Golf Club, Sunday, August 19.

Prescott, the 2011 defending champions, came in, in second place with a gross of 877, while first place finishers, Summerheights,  took home the honours with 873.

Cedar Glen ended up with a gross of 914, while Iroquois finished with 915.

The first tee off of the day was at 9 a.m. the last at 12:30 p.m., with final players on the course turning in their score cards by 5:30, just in time for awards and a banquet. Morrisburg player Stephenie Cochrane described it as a “good day”: a cloud burst in early afternoon only slowed the action briefly.

The Ladies Valley League has been in existence for over 40 years. Players this year ranged in age from 16 to Morrisburg’s Lillian Noon, 92, who said she’d been taking part now for about 20 years “and I still love it. Actually, I’m aiming for a hole in one before I’m 100.”  

Individual results were announced at the banquet organized by the host Morrisburg club.

Senior gross was Dale Duncan of Prescott with 89, while senior net was Pat Tetrault of Summerheights with 75.

Spare gross was Summerheights’ Susan Fort with 92, while spare net was taken by Cheryl Boyd of Prescott with 68.

D gross was Sharon Landry of Prescott (104) with D net taken by Audrey Arcand (68). 

C gross was Ann Cook of Cedar Glen, with 97, and net was Nancy Mierau of Prescott with 67.

Ann Leduc of Summerheights took the B gross with 88 and Carolyn Weegar of Morrisburg took the B net with 68.

The A gross winner was Robyn Campbell of Summerheights with Pat Reaney of Cedar Glen taking the A net with a score of 63.

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