Take a shuttle bus to Ottawa


“We’ve heard that there are many here interested in the service,” said Nanda Wubs of Wubs Transit in Winchester.

Wubs was discussing her company’s plans for a shuttle bus service to Ottawa from Morrisburg. “We have about 15 people committed. We’re looking for 30 to 35 people before we move ahead with that,” she informed South Dundas council at the December 6th meeting.

As reported in August, Wubs Transit already has a route, which includes multiple stops in both Chesterville, Winchester and Ottawa.

They offer monthly passes, single trip tickets, passes for one-way trips, and a book of 10 one-way tickets. The monthly pass is actually an OC Transpo pass that includes the Wubs Transit Daily Line Run. A monthly pass for Chesterville is $258. A pass for Morrisburg would be comparable.

For more information, phone the Wubs Transit office at 613-774-6618 or visit their website at www.wubs.ca.

Following Wubs presentation, Mayor Steven Byvelds said, “I think this is a service we will hopefully get off and running. I wish you success in that venture.”

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