Seaway honours 2011 graduates

“Today is the beginning to a new chapter in our lives. Soon enough, each and every one of us will go forth in our own directions, seeking to make a mark in this world,” said valedictorian of the 2011 graduating class of Seaway District High School, Kendra Ward. 

Addressing over 70 fellow graduates in a beautifully decorated gymnasium over-flowing with families and friends of the graduates,  Ward reminisced about life in high school, hopes, dreams and forever memories. 

She thanked teachers, support staff and parents for their support and caring over four years. Her message to fellow grads observed that “we only live once, and opportunities are rare, so it is important to take advantage of these opportunities and live life to its fullest.

Liam Barkley was chosen as the most outstanding graduate by his fellow students. Andrew Zandbergen was awarded the Governor General’s medal for academic achievement. Teresa Palmer was presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s community volunteer award. Kendra Ward, chosen valedictorian by her class mates, was also the recipient of the board’s Character Always award. 

Nearly $40,000 in awards, scholarships and bursaries were presented at commencement.

Students achieving 90 per cent in six grade 12 courses, Liam Barkley, April vanDodewaard, Andrew Zandbergen and Michael Zandbergen, were named Seaway Scholars.  Barkley and vanDodewaard also tied for first in the overall proficiency awards, with Andrew Zandbergen placing second and Michael Zandbergen placing third. 

Other Awards

Jason Lee Hill Memorial Bursary – Sherry-Lynn Harbers

Iroquois-Matilda Lions International Award – Kelsie Chambers, Sherry-Lynn Harbers, Shelby Strader, Kristina Swank, April vanDodewaard

Swank Construction – Gareth Cochrane

Iroquois Legion Leonard Roberts bursary – Elyse Fournier

Iroquois-Matilda Lions Bursary – Jesse Swank, Kasey Swank

Iroquois Legion Bursaries – Kelsey Hall, Jesse and Kasey Swank

Robert Jackson Memorial Award – Jesse Swank

SD&G District Women’s Institute Scholarship – Kelsey Hall

Iroquois Masonic Lodge #143  Awards – Kelsey Hall, Drew Mattice

Tom Corden Memorial Award – Carley Lawlor, Drew Mattice

Crooke-Elliott Award – Drew Mattice

Madden Scholarship – Carley Lawlor

IOOF Williamsburg Lodge Bursary – Carley Lawlor

Chris Salmon Memorial Award – Devon Bonvie

Yvon Mayer Award – Devon Bonvie

Seaway Student Council Bursaries – Liam Barkley, Devon Bonvie, Cory Fowler, Jeremy Piamonte, Kendra Ward

Debbie Strader Memorial Bursary – Teresa Palmer

Nationview PS Bursary – Teresa Palmer

Mountain & District Lions Club Awards – Alison Harbers, Teresa Palmer

OSSTF Bursaries – Teresa Palmer, Jenna Yates

Pricedex Award – Jenna Yates

Ball Arts Scholarship – Alison Harbers

Morrisburg & District Arts & Crafts Award – Alison Harbers

Seaway Staff Bursaries – Alison Harbers, Sarena vanDodewaard

Seaway Admin. Awards – Alison Harbers, Sarena vanDodewaard

Beaupre Jewellers Award – Sarena vanDodewaard

Hugh Porter Memorial Bursary – Michael Zandbergen

Cameron Cluff Memorial Math. Award – Michael Zandbergen

Ont. Principals Leadership Award – Michael Zandbergen

Beavers Dental Awards – Taegan Mills, Michael Zandbergen

BMO award – Taegan Mills

25th Reunion Committee Scholarship – Jeremy Piamonte

PhotoVisions Bursary – Jeremy Piamonte

St. Lawrence Rebekah Lodge Bursary – Jeremy Piamonte

Morrisburg Leader Award – Jeremy Piamonte

Decker Award – April vanDodewaard

Evonik RohMax Award – April vanDodewaard

Loyal Orange Lodge Bursaries – Kelsie Chambers, April van Dodewaard

Former Williamsburg Legion Bursaries – Kelsie Chambers, Matthew Wilson

Randy Thompson Memorial Award – Matthew Wilson

St. Lawrence Medical Clinic award – Cassie Murphy

RCL Morrisburg Bursaries – Andrew Beatson, Cory Fowler, Curtis Fowler, Cassie Murphy

Capt. William Robinson Memorial Award – Andrew Beatson

Canadian Club Morrisburg & District Bursary – Andrew Beatson

Iroquois Fire Fighters Bursary – Brandon Foster, Sheila Gillard

St. Lawrence College Scholarship – Sheila Gillard

Ray John Barkley Memorial Bursaries – Sheila Gillard, Kasey Swank

Ronald Pitt Memoris Bursary – Kasey Swank

Williamsburg Recreational Bursary – Jessica Whitteker

Marsden & McLauglin Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

St.Mary/St.Cecilia Cath. Women’s League Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

William N. Crooke Memorial Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

Lion Harry van Moorsel Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Burke, Andrew Zandbergen

Scott Van’t Foort Memorial Bursary – Andrew Zandbergen

Seaway Admin, Award – Andrew Zandbergen

RCL Morrisburg Ladies’ Auxiliary – Kate Gervais

Lion Blake Cruickshank Bursary – Kate Gervais

IPS Parents Council Bursary – Janice Stevens

StockTransportation Awards – Cameron McIntosh, Janice Stevens

Lion Leland Van Allen Scholarship – Cameron McIntosh

Seaway Staff Bursaries – David Baird, Ryan Douma, Jacob Feht, Cameron McIntosh, Kristina Swank, Tanner Williams

Seaway Bursary – Tanner Williams

RBC  Awards – Ryan Douma, Tanner Williams

John Lortie Memorial Bursary – Ryan Douma

Lion Art Martelle Memorial Scholarship – Liam Barkley

Wayne Johnston Memorial Award – Liam Barkely

MPS Bursary – Liam Barkley

Township of S. Dundas – Liam Barkley

Fred Hill Ins. Bursary – Krista Thompson

Upper Canada Motors Bursary – Luke Whitteker

Brown’s Fine Food Award – Luke Whitteker

Storm Realty, Steven Iwachniuk Award – Kendra Ward

Whitteker Meat Market Bursary – Kendra Ward

Order of the Eastern Star, Chapt. #224 Award – Ryan Gilmer

Rooney Feeds Award – Alan Hofer, Jessica Hofer

Nation Valley Pork Producers Bursary – Alan Hofer

Sheldon Tryon Memorial Bursary – Alan Hofer

Weagant Farm Supplies Award – Jessica Hofer

North Mountain, South Mountain, Mountain Reunion Award – Anthony Burke

Kenneth Kirkby Memorial Bursary – Anthony Burke

Effie Prunner Memorial Award – Philip German

S. Williamsburg Township Recreational Bursary – Curtis Fowler

Cruickshank Construction Bursary – Jacob Feht

Ross Video Scholarship – Jacob Feht

Evan Mallette Memorial Bursary – Jacob Feht

Iroquois Amateur Radio Club Memorial Bursary – Jacob Feht, Dylon Hall

Ont. Power Generation Awards – David Baird, Dylon Hall

Sandra Primrose Memorial Bursary – David Baird

Seaway Admin. Award – Brandon Lizert

Doug Byers Furniture Award – Brandon Lizert

Currier Bursary – Matt Cromie

Student Success Bursaries – Krista Gallinger, Manal Hamadi, Chelsea Hummel, Sarah Keeler, Jazzy St. Denis

Annette Angus Awards – Manal Hamadi

Jamieson Award – Jesse Page

Ronald & Joyce Fader Memorial Bursary – Gurcharn Cheema

Light Up Your World Bursary – Cory Fowler, Kristina Swank

Ball International Development Award – Shelby Strader

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