Volunteers concerned with cost of insurance

On September 20th, Councillor Evonne Delegarde conveyed to South Dundas council members what she’s been hearing in terms of volunteer concerns about insurance costs.

She told council members that “volunteers are coming forward” and they’re “concerned about their bottom line” when they’re paying so much out in insurance.

In addition, Delegarde mentioned the extra work volunteers are having to expend when they’re already strapped for time.
Mayor Steven Byvelds was concerned that volunteers would leave themselves and their personal assets at risk of lawsuit.
This issue raised discussion from all sides and all angles.

Councillor Archie Mellan was concerned about hockey teams leaving the area to go to Cardinal or Long Sault rinks where they aren’t obligated to pay for insurance coverage.

Clerk Brenda Brunt pointed out that the other municipalities would soon be following suit.

Chief Administrative Officer Stephen McDonald reminded council that the change in policy regarding insurance was done “to transfer risk away from the municipality so that we’re not the sole payer. That’s the whole intent. That’s why we ask subcontractors to have insurance.”

In the end, Byvelds requested that Brunt look into the options available and report back to council at the next meeting.

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