Council considers what role SD should play in arts and culture

At the South Dundas council meeting on September 20th, Mayor Steven Byvelds reported back to members on the proposed development of a “plan to deal with our culture and art community” from the recent city council meeting.

Byvelds was “looking for direction from council (to see) if they want me to participate” and, if so, he will “bring reports back to council.”

He pointed out the disadvantage of not going: “we’d be sitting in the dark. Not to go would be unwise.”

He went on to reveal that the “Cornwall arts was vocal at this meeting” and that “not all the municipalities are keen on participating.”

Byvelds pointed out: “I think we in South Dundas have a lot of cultural arts that would benefit from a plan of this sort.”

Deputy Mayor Jim Locke saw no harm in staying informed, especially “if (Byvelds is) going to be there anyway.”

Councillor Evonne Delegarde agreed that South Dundas “can benefit from this.”

Councillor Archie Mellan concurred, saying that “at least (we’d) have our foot in the door.”

Byvelds concluded the discussion saying that he does “strongly feel that some of the arts community (needs)  to be involved.”

In addition, he said that he “certainly would encourage all council to visit the website.” The website address is

The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Culture Plan provides an easy to read detailed outline for the proposal they term “Culturescape.”

“The SD&G Culture Plan is funded by a partnership consisting of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Creative Community Prosperity Fund; The Eastern Ontario Training Board; the SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation; and, the City of Cornwall.”

Culturescape goes on to reveal that “the Culture Plan is intended to be regional in scope while addressing local initiatives in each community.”

The listed goals for the Culturescape study include the promotion of civic engagement; the strengthening of community identity; the provision of a plan of action for cultural development; the promotion of a better understanding of culture; the support for growth of the cultural sector; the creation of  linkages between culture and other civic activities; and, the support of economic development.

The study comes complete with a time line detailing the objectives for the Culture Plan going forward.

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