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August 2019 file photo of Seaway District High School principal Geoff Trasuk. (The Leader/Blancher photo)

By Danika Nielsen

IROQUOIS – Everyone at Seaway District High School is congratulating principal Geoff Trasuk on his retirement this year.

Recently Trasuk had a hip replacement surgery and was off for four months in recovery. He has regained most of his mobility back; however, he still needs a cane to help him walk.

“I’m feeling back on the road to recovery, and I need to work on re-strengthening the muscles.”

Trasuk worked in sales for ten years before joining the educational system. He was 36 when he began teaching, having two young kids at the time, happy he had the full support of his family.

Starting at Char-Lan DHS as a teacher, he worked his way up, starting at cooperative education to the guidance department. He was then recruited into administration.

Trasuk started in administration as vice-principal, first at Char-Lan, then at North Dundas.

He later was promoted to principal of NDDHS and then held a number of administration positions.

For 18 of his 25-year education career, he worked in administration.

Trasuk joined Seaway at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

“I enjoyed the interaction I had with the students,” he told The Scoop.

Every time he has had to switch schools, Trasuk said he found it difficult, hoping he would continue to have a positive impact on the kids.

He felt that the kids, parents, and the community supported his move to Seaway, and that he genuinely had a positive impact here at Seaway.

“I think the thing I liked most about Seaway is the close community, and the kids were very respectful,” Trasuk said.

He said that he felt once the community got to know him, people realized how fair and honest he is.

“Every student can succeed,” Trasuk said.

In education, he has made that his mission, believing that each student has the potential to succeed.

In his retirement, Trasuk plans to travel when things get back to normal.

He can always be found on the golf course, and he will be looking for ways to impact youth still.

“For now, I’m just enjoying not having to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning,” he said.

Trasuk said he believes it is crucial to understand what it’s like to be a student in 2021, to see how things have changed drastically from youth in the past compared to the youth now.

As a personal goodbye, Trasuk said, “I really want to thank the kids, teachers, and Seaway for the support they showed me, and that I will truly miss everyone.”

Published in the February 10th edition of The Leader and contributed by Seaway Scoop student author Danika Nielsen.

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