Unanimous council support for new water tower designs

Pictured is a mock up of the design agreed to by council. (South Dundas/Contributed)

MORRISBURG – Presented with mock ups of six options for the new water tower design, council unanimously favoured the same design.

All selected the design that featured the town name in bold letters alongside the Municipality of South Dundas logo.

Council reviewed and discussed the six options presented at the October 8th Committee of the Whole meeting.

The mock ups were all of the Morrisburg tower, with the intent for the same design to be mirrored on the Iroquois tower meaning that it will say Iroquois in bold lettering alongside the South Dundas logo.

South Dundas chief administrative officer Shannon Geraghty told the council that none of the mock-ups done by staff featured the present designs (Canadian Tire logo in Morrisburg and Indigenous figure in Iroquois).

South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner explained the reasoning behind her preference: “The village name gives identity to the residents of the town and the South Dundas logo indicates that we are all one South Dundas.”

Before seeing the designs council had considered presenting a couple of options to the public for input, but with there being such a clear winner in each of their minds, they decided that the public consultation was not necessary.

“This is more a branding exercise than anything, going out to the public would just be an exercise more than anything that could just lead to undue misunderstanding, misinformation and miscommunication,” said Gardner.

Councillors Lloyd Wells, Archie Mellan and Donald Lewis all agreed that they liked the simplicity of the design.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds said that they need to make sure that the paint used for the design is top quality and long-lasting.

“We don’t want to cheap out on the paint,” he said. “We’re looking for a good job that has some longevity.” This decision occurred at this point in time because the information is needed by contractors to move the RFP (request for proposals) process forward.

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