North Dundas to plow more County Roads this winter

SDG – The Township of North Dundas will be performing more winter maintenance duties for SDG on county roads in North Dundas.

The move enables County roads staff to work on their efforts to improve winter maintenance on County Road 31 north of Winchester. That improvement was prioritized by councillors at County Council meeting earlier this year.

Termed as a ‘trial period’, North Dundas has agreed to take on responsibility for all of County Road 3 north of Winchester. The township already has a five-year winter maintenance agreement with the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry for other roads, which expires at the end of April 2020.

“It’s a good chance to see how this will work,” said Trevor Baker, manager of operations for the county.

North Dundas and SDG already trade off on winter maintenance, each maintaining 18.2 kilometres of the others roads. The 25 kilometre increase will now be billed by North Dundas to the county. North Dundas will receive just under $22,000 for the work and agreed to maintain the road to the same standard as the Counties already follows.

“I appreciate the effort that has been made to do this and improve the service provided on [County Road 31],” said councillor Tony Fraser.

The bylaw was approved by County Council and now awaits approval by North Dundas council.

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