Good deed gets rewarded at Mustard’s Variety

Pictured (l-r) are: Jim Mustard, Jeremy Barkley, Liam Barkley, and Tylor Copeland. (Courtesy photo)

IROQUOIS – When Jeremy Barkley saw wrong-doing he did the right thing.

A couple of months ago Jeremy was at Mustard’s Variety and witnessed a group of people putting items into a bag that he had not seen them pay for.

So, he alerted the store owner Jim Mustard, who was then able to review the incident on video surveillance with police.

Jeremy taking that action impressed Mustard and the police who then decided that they wanted to give Jeremy a reward for showing good character.

Last week, Mustard presented Jeremy with a t-shirt, some handcuffs, a pin and ice cream vouchers to thank him for doing the right thing.

OPP officer Tylor Copeland (pictured right), on behalf of Crime Stoppers also was on hand to tell Jeremy that in the fall he will give him a ride to school in an OPP cruiser.

Jeremy’s big brother Wyatt, twin brother Liam, Mom Terri and Dad Tony were all on hand for the presentation.

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