Flood watch issued for St. Lawrence River

FINCH – South Nation Conservation has issued its first flood watch for the St. Lawrence River region including Lake St. Lawrence.

The conservation authority says that water levels on Lake St. Lawrence, between the Iroquois and Moses-Saunders dams, have been increasing due to reduced outflows.

According to the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River board, the current water level of the river at Brockville is 75.12 metres, 0.38 metres below the level observed in 2017.

Water levels on Lake Ontario are above average but within historical ranges. The agency says the levels are well below the highs of 2017.




The current water level elevation of the Saint Lawrence River at Brockville is 75.121 m. This is 0.379 m below what was observed in 2017 (75.5 m).

While Lake Ontario’s current water level is above average, it is still within historical ranges and currently well-bellow the extreme highs of 2017.

SNC is reporting that water levels are expected to increase this week due to the weather forecast. Outflows from Lake Ontario may increase water levels upstream of the Iroquois dam, affecting the shorelines in Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, Prescott, and Augusta Township.

Further aggravating water levels may be stronger winds that may cause larger waves.

The agency advises that residents in flood prone areas, or low-lying areas which have flooded in the past, to to monitor their properties and take necessary precautions.

The conservation authority will continue to monitor the flooding situation in the region.

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