Likely 2020 for Iroquois Campground

SOUTH DUNDAS – Tenders came in for the construction of a new Iroquois campground building, but instead of moving the project forward, the tenders sent it back to the drawing board.

The two tenders received well exceeded the $550,000 budgeted for the project, which included a donation offer of up to $200,000 from citizen John Ross, to include the airport facilities and give him input into the building’s design.

Information presented at the March 19 regular council meeting showed that the lowest bid received was $637,168 from Bourgon Construction of Cornwall and the other bid from Grant-Marion Construction, also of Cornwall was $678,400.

“I’m very comfortable with rejecting the tender,” said South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner.

“I agree, I said I wouldn’t spend a dollar more, and that’s where I stand,” said South Dundas councillor Donald Lewis.

“Oh, I can agree quite easily,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

“The money’s not there. I’m not willing to spend that kind of money for a seasonal building. We’ve got to go back to the drawing board.”

“I agree with council,” said South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

Along with rejecting the tender, council directed staff to design and build a $350,000 Iroquois campground building.

Byvelds confirmed that with this direction, any past financial offers and involvement from Mr. Ross were eliminated from the equation.

“We can put up a decent building for $350,000” said councillor Mellan.

“I think it’s time we get this building up,” said mayor Byvelds. But he added that the old building will have to be used for one more summer. “Once September comes – knock it down and we’ll be good for 2020.”

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