Amazing celebration of doctor’s remarkable 50 year career

New doctors join in Domanko celebration – Among the friends and colleagues who came out to celebrate Dr. Wayne Domanko’s 50 years in medicine were the two doctors who will be taking over his practice in this community. As Wayne said, when he officially announced his retirement, he could not have left until he knew he had “two really great doctors” taking over his patients’ care. The party held at the Morrisburg Legion on Saturday, February 9, 2019, was a chance for South Dundas to meet Doctors Meaghan Brown and Michael Ben Simon, pictured above with Dr. Wayne. (The Leader/Gibb photos)

MORRISBURG – There were many stories told, lots of shared memories, and a great deal of laughter as Dr. Wayne Domanko welcomed colleagues past and present, patients and friends, and dignitaries from the community to a gala “party” on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

Dr. Wayne Domanko with Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, chief of family medicine at WDMH.

Hundreds turned out at the Morrisburg Legion, to celebrate with Wayne, his wife Jane, their three sons and their families, The occasion was Wayne’s official retirement, after 50 years of service as a physician.

It was standing room only for most of the evening.

Sons Michael, Robert and Jonathan served as emcees for the celebration, sharing their warm memories of growing up with a “doctor in the house.” As Jon put it, “the crowd here tonight is a testament to how many people Dad has helped over the years.”

Mayor of South Dundas, Steven Byvelds, brought personal memories as well as the best wishes of the council and all the citizens of South Dundas to Dr. Domanko when he spoke at the gala.

Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks, chief of family medicine at Winchester District Memorial Hospital, described Wayne as “wise, wonderful and dedicated’ but also a “lovely, nice nerd”, who just never quite got the hang of a great deal of technology.

She laughed that she was herself recruited to this area by doctors Paul Coolican and Wayne Domanko, way back when.

South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds conveyed the thanks and best wishes of the council and people of South Dundas to Dr. Wayne at his retirement.

She described how she saw these two “white-haired guys” sitting at a very out-of-the-way little table, “with a basket of apples in front of them” during a huge medical hiring fair. She admitted, to much laughter, that the two of them essentially reminded her of ‘Stadler and Waldorf’, the famous Muppet characters. But after talking to them, she signed up to come to South Dundas.

Dr. Ingram-Crooks went on to praise Wayne as an ardent, tireless advocate for his community, his profession and for medical education. “He has always set the bar high,” she said.

Cholly Boland, the chief executive officer of WDMH, nearly brought the house down in his remarks. “Wayne was our chief of anesthesia for 30 years,” he pointed out, then added: “This man has passed a lot of gas.” He shared stories of Wayne’s reputation as a medical fashionista, saying that the time had finally come for the truth. “Who really picks out your clothes, you or Jane?”

But he also praised Wayne’s deep and committed care for his patients, his decency and his always calm approach with doctors, staff and patients. “He was a terrific fundraiser for the Hospital, a mentor to many, and one who always led by example.” Boland said.

When, later in the evening, he addressed the crowd, Dr. Wayne Domanko expressed his deep appreciation to his sons and their spouses for planning this “wonderful event.” He spoke of the support of his wife Jane. “I could never have done this job for 50 years without her.”

Wayne and Jane Domanko

As he told the large crowd, over these past 50 years, “many of you have trusted me with your lives. We have shared much happiness together, but also the times of grief.”

“Our journey here was great,” Wayne said, “but we could never have picked a better spot. We are very proud to be part of the South Dundas community. It has been a wonderful run.”

Celebration of a doctor, father and grandfather: Wayne Domanko retires – It was very much a family affair as Dr. Wayne Domanko retired after 50 years of service to his patients, to the medical profession and to his community. With his wife Jane at his side, his sons Michael, Robert and Jonathan and their wives, and all of his seven grandchildren around him, Wayne “officially” said farewell on Saturday, February 9, 2019.

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