Editorial: Thank you Guy

This past Saturday Guy Lauzon announced his upcoming retirement as member of Parliament for this riding.

Guy has been a tireless advocate for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry for 15 years. Always a welcome face at events throughout the riding including here in South Dundas, Guy has criss-crossed the riding hundreds, if not thousands of times, attending any and every community event he could manage.

His parliamentary accomplishments are large. During his time on the Hill, he served on parliamentary committees, and for seven years was national caucus chair for the Conservative party. Guy’s biggest accomplishment however is as a cheerleader for this riding. When there was any issue of importance to SDSG, everyone on Parliament Hill knew about it.

Even while serving on the opposition benches, Guy got things done. Most recently, he spearheaded the bipartisan and unanimous support for motion M-133, declaring each September 28th as British Home Child Day.

In the midst of an electoral campaign, he represented his party well, earning five back-to-back victories; four of them with more than 50 per cent of the popular vote. Once the election was over, Guy represented everyone in SDSG equally. Political stripes did not matter.

He has always been accessible to everyone in the riding. In an era of gotcha website operators and social media spouting, Guy has never shied away from the press. As many journalists in the riding can attest, if you called Guy’s cell phone, he was always the one to answer. Guy opened satellite offices to increase accessibility to all citizens, no matter where they lived in the riding. From passport clinics to helping people with disability paperwork, Lauzon was nonetheless one of the best cheerleaders for, and supporters of, this riding.

Admittedly not a perfect individual, Guy has been genuine, even in talking about his own personal struggles with alcohol addiction. In typical Guy fashion, his self-published book has raised money for the Cornwall Community Hospital’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

After 15 years of public service, his retirement is well deserved. Thank you Guy for truly representing this riding. Well done.

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