Carman House, Forward House, and staff issues dominate Iroquois meeting

IROQUOIS – Over 200 people packed the Iroquois Civic Centre on October 11th for the second of three all candidates meetings taking place in South Dundas. Issues surrounding the ongoing repair issues to Carman House, preservation of Forward House, and predominately staff issues were the focus of the audience’s questions. Below are video clips of audience questions and the candidate’s responses. The more than one hour Q&A session was moderated by outgoing North Dundas mayor Eric Duncan.

Legal Marijuana sales. Answered by Evonne Delegarde and Steven Byvelds.

Cooperation between municipality and schools. Answered by Delegarde and Byvelds.

Project Emily Answered by Delegarde and Byvelds.

Forward House and heritage. Answered by Delegarde and Byvelds.

Ongoing tenant issue at Carman House. Answered by Delegarde and Bill Ewing.

Staff issues in South Dundas. Answered by Delegarde and Byvelds.

Timelines for staff to get work done. Answered by Kirsten Gardner and Jim Graham.

Forest Cover in South Dundas. Answered by Joyce Latulippe and Michael Burton.

Taxation issues. Answered by Lloyd Wells and Del Jones.

Carman House redux. Answered by Archie Mellan and Burton.

Staff accountability issues. Answered by Graham, Gardner, Ewing, Wells and Jones.

Expenditures and asset management. Answered by Delegarde, Byvelds, Lewis and Latulippe.

Closing comments from all candidates.

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