Much-loved outreach program brings the SD&G Library home

Book-loving Hartford Retirement Residence residents Ruth Fetterly, Dave Salsman, Beth MacGillivary and Norma Watts eagerly await the arrival of Stacey Piticco of the SDG Library who visits monthly as part of the Morrisburg branch’s outreach program. Picture l-r: Fettery, Piticco, Salsman, MacGillivary and Watts. (The Leader/Comfort photo)

MORRISBURG – The first Wednesday of the month is library day at the Hartford Retirement Residence here in Morrisburg, and on that day book-loving residents line up to grab the best picks from library services assistant Stacey Piticco.

This stop is part of Piticco’s regular route as part of the library outreach program, a well-liked aspect of Piticco’s job at the library since she started years ago.

Library outreach is a lesser-known service offered by most branches of the SD&G County Library.

Through the Morrisburg branch, Piticco makes stops at the Hartford, and, new this year, her route also takes her to Dundas County Hospice in Williamsburg to provide the service to its clients.

“I make individual stops as well,” Piticco told The Leader. She drops books off to seniors or homebound residents who can’t get to the library.

Cheryl Servais, SD&G Library District supervisor, said that the outreach service originated years ago as books by mail.

“We have always had some kind of outreach service, but as books by mail became no longer feasible because of the cost of postage, we have adapted this program to meet people’s needs,” said Servais.

“A lot of people don’t know we offer this service, so it’s great to have the opportunity to tell people about it,” said Piticco.

“The people who I deliver to are extremely grateful for the service,” she said. “I can pick the books for people, or fill individual requests.”

Piticco said she gets familiar with what people like, so she generally knows what will be well received at her visits.

Generally Piticco’s selections include a lot of large print books and audio books.

Nearly a dozen Hartford residents were waiting for Piticco last Wednesday morning.

They all talked about how well Stacey does at picking out titles for them.

Dave Salsman, former Mariatown resident who now lives at the Hartford said, “She knows I like mysteries and anything that’s exciting.” He jokes that he probably spends 20 hours a day listening to his audio and CNIB books. “No, but I really enjoy them,” he said. “Stacey knows what I like and that really makes it easy for me.”

Beth MacGillivary, who is originally from Georgetown and now lives here in Morrisburg said, “Stacey brings us a really good selection, and if there’s something in particular that I want, all I have to do is call the library and they will bring it for me on the next visit.”

Ruth Fetterly who has always loved reading is very glad that she is still able to enjoy that favourite past time well into her 90s. She said she usually gets six books a month and is through them within a couple of weeks.

“The best thing about the selections that Stacey brings for us is that there are lots of large print books and that’s a great advantage,” she said. “I really like the selections Stacey brings. She know us and does a great job choosing what we like. For me it’s autobiographies, biographies and travel. She does choose wisely.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the outreach program or signing up for it, can do so by calling the library.

Because June is Seniors Month, the SD&G Library will be making a presentation about its services June 1st, 10 a.m. at The Hartford Retirement Residence in Morrisburg. Anyone interested in learning more is welcome to attend.

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