Caregiver ad scam

MORRISBURG – The Leader has been recently alerted that a ‘Caregiver Required’ advertisement which has appeared in recent editions is a scam. Do not respond.

The ad is a woman supposedly looking for a caregiver for her 71 year-old mother with dementia.

The ad was booked and paid for by credit card via email. The payment cleared and nothing appeared out of the ordinary. However, we were later alerted that this is a classified scam.

Classified scams lead people to believe they are dealing with a legitimate contact but it is actually a scammer, looking to trick the respondent into sharing information that may result in financial loss.

The SD&G OPP received two complaints regarding this ad scam and report that thankfully no money was lost.

Police offer the following advice to protect yourself from this and other frauds and scams: “Don’t give out personal financial details or information over the phone. Don’t believe callers who say they are from your bank or credit card company, if you have a concern go to your bank personally. Educate yourself about banking practices. Banks would never advise you to transfer funds to another outside account to protect your funds.”

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