Council continues to digest landfill options

MORRISBURG – South Dundas council was shown an option to prolong the longevity of this municipality’s two landfill sites and to minimize the cost to taxpayers over the long term at budget time.

Unprepared to make a decision at budget time, council asked that landfill supervisor Gabriel Lefebvre provide them with a comprehensive report which he presented to them at a special council meeting March 15th.

The public portion of that document is more than 50 pages, and gives an full analysis of six options for the future of landfill options in South Dundas.

In the end, after his three hour report presentation, Lefebvre’s recommendation remains the same as it was at budget time: to temporarily initiate placing the Williamsburg landfill in a dormant state and immediately turning the Matilda Landfill into a transfer station.

The transfer station would be set up to promote improved sorting. “A transfer station would promote environmental sustainability,” said Lefebvre.

He showed that this option will keep Matilda open and viable at least another three years. Once it closes, the dormant Williamsburg site could be re-opened with its closure delayed possibly until 2025.

“Depending on council direction and decisions, approximately $6.5 million can be saved from taxpayers within a 10 year time frame (post closure),” explained Lefebvre in examining the pricing table he prepared that outlined the cost associated with all six options reviewed.

This recommended option will require about $300,000 over and above the existing landfill budget which now sits at almost $800,000.

Those funds would be for site setup and equipment purchases necessary to operate a transfer station including bins and a used packer and loader.

“Of the six options presented, only this option is the only option that would benefit the municipality as a whole and make an expansion feasible while including serious cost savings for the future,” concluded Lefebvre. “If a transfer station is anticipated in the future, why not do it now and reap the benefits immediately?

If council agrees to Lefebvre’s recommendation work could start this spring.

While council was impressed with Lefebvre’s report, they all agreed that they need time to properly review and digest it before making a decision.

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