Help Save our Bees

RIVERSIDE HEIGHTS – Savannah Myers saw a problem. And although she is only 11 years old, this grade six student at Morrisburg Public School decided to do something about it.

“Bees are dying, and I wanted to save them. It wasn’t a school project: just something I really wanted to do,” she said during an October 18 interview at her home.

The daughter of proud parents Tom and Heather Myers (her family also includes brothers T.J. and Cole and Drake the dog), Savannah spent this past summer trying to help rescue the world’s rapidly declining bee populations. She even found ways to include the people in her neighbourhood in the mission as well.

“My mom and I did research about bees and learned about bee gardens. I also decided to make fliers and we handed them out up and down Riverside encouraging everyone to build bee gardens.”

Her bright, hand made posters carried information about the plants bees love best, including sun flowers, asters, poppies and bluebells.

She also built bee baths out of cat bowls and rocks (pictured above) since “bees are like birds. The rocks support them while they drink.”

Her efforts were noticed by one of her neighbours, Thérèse Mitrow, who was “quite impressed,” so much so that she nominated Savannah for a Canadian Museum of Nature nature inspiration youth award. Savannah was consequently selected by the jury as one of the finalists in the youth category and has been invited to attend a gala at the museum on November 8. The winner that night will receive $5,000 to donate to a beneficial program of her choice.

“I was definitely not expecting this,” Savannah said, “and I’m kind of ready to answer questions that night,” she added. “But I think other kids should be getting involved in saving animals and insects. That would make the world a bit better.”

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