Eric De Gray releases new album: To Where You Are

Eric De Gray – (Denise Grant Photography)

MORRISBURG – Acclaimed as a singer, musician, arranger and now lyricist, Morrisburg’s own Eric De Gray has just released his second CD, To Where You Are.

A graduate of Seaway District High School, he got his first shot at composing in a grade 11 drama class original musical with the song “The Centre of My Life.” He later went on to earn a degree in Music Performance from the University of Toronto.

He has never looked back.

Eric’s talents have taken him all over the world as the musical director for various major cruise lines: his shipboard productions win rave reviews from passengers and critics alike. Eric’s theatre background is extensive. He has performed in shows such as Beauty and the Beast and Into the Woods.

He was featured lead vocalist for the US touring production of Fanfare for the American Hero, and a recent finalist for the Phantom of the Opera sequel, Love Never Dies.

It should come as no surprise then, that Eric has released a new CD that is passionate and rich with To Where You Are.

“Music is a part of my soul,” Eric said. “It’s a voice of expression, a way to get an idea across. A lot of music is a journey we go on together: I’ve always wanted to leave a message with the world, and my message is through music.”

The songs on the album range from Steven Sondheims’ ‘Send in the Clowns’ to Charlie Chaplin’s classic ‘Smile.’ Among them are ‘If I Were to Say to You’ and ‘My Friend’, both original compositions by Eric.

“‘My Friend’ was written about first love, someone who inspires and moves you on many levels. ‘If I Were’ was written because saying some words can be hard. It’s easier for me to express my inner feelings in music.”

Musical legend Richard Carpenter brought Eric to the Carpenter Centre in Nashville to record his CD. The musical arrangements were made with the help of Ron Fairchild, keyboardist with the Oak Ridge Boys. Dwayne Allen (also of the ORB) has his grandchildren singing back up for Eric.

“Producer Scott Richardson said the ‘world needs to hear more of this voice,’” Eric De Gray said laughing.

To Where You Are is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and CC Baby or at

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