Editorial: Seaway at 50

The weekend of May 26-28, 2017, a great many people “came home” to Seaway District High School in order to celebrate a milestone.

The high school on the St. Lawrence is now officially 50 years old.

And yet, throwing an anniversary party this May was actually a kind of remarkable leap of faith.

Barely two months ago, it appeared that Seaway might be forced to close its doors forever come June. Upper Canada District School Board’s Building for the Future proposal, out in September of 2016, put the only high school in South Dundas on the chopping block.

Had the original proposal gone through, Seaway’s 50th Anniversary might have taken on the air of a wake rather than a celebration.

But this community rallied. Businesses rallied. The teachers and the kids and the parents rallied. The municipal government rallied – and Seaway was taken off the closure list.

Consequently, the gathering at Seaway this past weekend truly was a celebration. The phenomenal organizers did the school and its students proud. They set up carefully laid out rooms full of Spartan memorabilia, photos, newspapers, trophies, year books (even some team clothing!) that recalled the old Morrisburg and Iroquois High Schools, as well as the decades after Seaway was opened in 1967.

During the anniversary celebration, a newly refurbished Hall of Excellence welcomed six initial inductees, and made sure to leave plenty of room for the next generations of inspirational Seaway grads.

All weekend, there was great live and recorded music in the halls and in the gathering places. There was also some (slightly exaggerated) story telling and reminiscing. And you just couldn’t miss the constant shouts of recognition, the hugs and the laughter over the three days.

True, some at the anniversary may have regarded their lanyard photos (carefully chosen by the organizers) with a certain dismay.

What colour was my hair then? Did I actually have hair then? Could I have put on a small pound or two, or forty, over the last couple of years? Who picked out those horn rimmed glasses with the wing tips? What ever possessed us to go for padded shoulders? Or saddle shoes? Or tie-dyeing?

Seaway, thanks for a great first 50 years! We’re looking forward to the next 50!… By the way, you don’t look a day over 39.

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