Editorial: Power of Community

Every person is important all by him or herself. They have power in that they are original and unique; there is no other person exactly like them who has their exact same skills, feelings, thoughts, or experiences. But, what happens when you group together a dozen unique individuals? Or, say 100 individuals?

Here in our community, one answer would be the “100 Women Who Care about South Dundas.”

It took a few unique individuals to formulate the idea. These amazing women understood the power of community. If one woman has the power to give, let’s say $100, then a group of 10 women would have the power to give $1,000. And, a group of 100 women? The power to give $10,000. With every additional person, the community of women become increasingly powerful.

In this situation, we are talking about money, dollars raised. But is that all this is?

No. The money, while useful, is merely a tool for these women to accomplish something in their community that they would not have been able to do on their own.

In the years since they’ve been active, the “100 Women” have donated money to various South Dundas charities and projects. They see the needs and together they have the power to address some of those needs.

They have proven that there really is strength in numbers and that, together, people and communities really can make a difference.

This year, this group – this community, which currently has more than 100 women involved, has made a difference for two organizations that serve the greater South Dundas community: Meals on Wheels and Naomi’s Family Resource Centre.

In 2015, it was the Dundas County Hospice who received money to purchase a new furnace, while both the J.W. MacIntosh Seniors Support Centre and the Earl Baker Park Splash Pad also received needed funds.

In 2016, money went to Camp Erin Bereavement Camp, the Dundas County Food Bank (now know as Community Food Share), and also to both the Morrisburg and Iroquois Waterfront Committees.

“100 Women Who Care About South Dundas” proves that there is strength not only in numbers, but, more importantly, in community.

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