Ten proposals to tempt 100 Women

MORRISBURG – 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas will hear from more projects than ever before when the group gathers May 18th to award funds.

About 150 women will each bring a cheque for $100 to the Upper Canada Playhouse for the group’s annual meeting where they will award funds to the group’s charities of choice.

Now in its third year, Rosemary Laurin, said 100 Women Who Care About South Dundas is becoming better known.

She said that for the 10 charities who have expressed an interest in presenting cases for projects to the 100 Women, the opportunity it provides is two-fold.

“They could be successful, and be awarded money. Or, at the absolute worst, they will raise awareness of their organizations and their projects,” she said.

With membership at almost 150, 100 Women is always happy to welcome more members.

More members means more money for more projects.

“Our members really like what we do. There’s something really special about it,” said Laurin. “It gives you a really good feeling to see a group get together and accomplish something in just one night.”

“Not only that, you can drive around the community and see what’s been done. You can point to tangible things, and that’s a really good feeling.” Currently nominated charities include Girls Incorporated of Upper Canada, Meals on Wheels, Anglican Parish of South Dundas, Camp Kagama, Habitat for Humanity, Naomi’s Family Resource Centre, Iroquois Public School, Early Years, Community Living and Camp Wynoneh.

“We have quite a variety of projects,” said Laurin.

Girls Incorporated would like to provide a series of programs and workshops for more than 250 girls in South Dundas on healthy living and bullying.

Meal on Wheels would like to purchase a commercial dishwasher.

Habitat for Humanity is requesting funds to go towards its next local build.

The Anglican Parish of South Dundas would like to purchase a projector and outdoor screen for ‘Movies in the Church Yard.’

Camp Kagama would like to expand its beach.

Naomi’s Family Resource Centre would like to paint the interior of the centre.

Iroquois Public School is seeking support for a community garden project.

Early Years is looking for funds to allow kids who otherwise could not afford it, to participate in summer camp.

Community Living has applied for funds to help send two clients to a workshop to promote self advocacy. A teacher has applied for funds to send some local students to Camp Wynoneh.

“This is such a giving community. I can’t wait to see what impact can be made,” said Laurin.

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