Morrisburg skaters shine at EOSIC

Intermediate level skaters pictured above in the back row (l-r): Annika Squires, Shianne Johnson , Gracie Fairbairn, Marin Morrow, Madisyn Hart, Jessica Groves, Jessica Swerdfeger and Grace Morrow. Front row (l-r): Abigail Smail, Allison Eamon, Emma Morrow, Lilly Napier, Grace Smail, Peyton Singh and Sarah Stewart. Absent from photo, Olivia Chafe. (The Leader/Blancher photo)

MORRISBURG – Skaters from the Morrisburg and District Skating Club competed at the Eastern Ontario STARSkate Invitational Championship February 17-19th in Bowmanville, Ontario. Over 20 skaters took part in the annual event. Skater Kristyn VanHoof moves on to the provincial level for the Star 7 ladies short program division, and the Star 8 ladies long program (see related story).

Senior level skaters pictured left in the back row (l-r): Abby Jordan, Reagan Belanger and Kristyn VanHoof. Front row (l-r): Alexis Engwerda, Cameryn Broad and Erika Jordan. (The Leader/Blancher photo)

Individual results and comments

Annika Squires
Star 3 – Silver
“Annika skated to her music with great interpretation and completed all her elements with strong technical landings and confidence,” said coach Ali VanHoof.

Shianne Johnson
Star 3 – Silver
“She was thrilled to land all of her jumps in her program and had beautiful presentation during her entire skate,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Sarah Stewart
Silver report card
“She skated with precision and polish, and achieved gold levels on many of her elements because of her proficient technique and execution,” said coach Allison Scott.

Regan Belanger
Star 5 – 16th
“Reagan had an impressively strong skate covering the ice with speed and attack and had great flow between elements,” said coach Allison Scott.

Peyton Singh
Star 3 – Silver
“Peyton’s spirals were the highlight of her program,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Olivia Chafe
Silver report card
“She skated with grace and conviction, completing all elements with great speed and flow,” said coach Allison Scott.
Marin Morrow
Silver report card
“She covered the ice effortlessly with grace and speed,” said coach Allison Scott.

Madisyn Hart
Star 4 – Over-13
“Madisyn worked extremely hard this season on her backward upright spin and was beyond pleased to receive a gold ranking from the judges on the element,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Lilly Napier
Star 4 – Under-10 – 2nd place
“She landed all of her 5 jumps beautifully and executed her 2 spins with ease,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Jessica Swerdfeger
Star 4 – Under-13 – 3rd place
“Her report card was incredible earning many gold rankings and a few silvers. She finished all of her jump and spin elements with beautiful landings,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Jessica Groves
Star 3 – Bronze
“It was Jessica’s first time competing at EOSIC, she skated with tenacity, power and flow, focusing on one element at a time and got the job done,” said coach Allison Scott.

Grace MorrowStar 3 – Silver”She has worked very hard this season on finishing all elements with presentation to achieve higher ranking on each element,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Grace Smail
Star 2 – Silver
“Grace’s spunky personality and smile was shown throughout her entire program,” said coach Ali VanHoof.

Grace Fairbarn
Star 4 – Under-13
“This young lady loves to perform and she lights up the ice with her smile and presentation,” said coach Allison Scott.

Erika Jordan
Star 7 – 8th
Star 6 – 17th
“It was very evident how much her speed and flexibility has improved over this season,” said coach Allison Scott.

Cameryn Broad
Star 6 – 18th
“Cameryn has worked hard this season on very challenging double jumps. She was focused at EOSIC and went out and rotated all of her 5 jumps with ease,” said coach Danielle Napier.

Allie Eamon
Star 3 – Bronze
“Allison had a beautiful skate with a personal best skating with confidence completing her elements,” said coach Ali VanHoof.

Alexis Engwerda
Star 9 – 5th
Gold – 9th
“Alexis skates effortlessly with speed and flow in and out of her elements with creativity and artistic flair,” said coach Allison Scott.

Abby Jordan
Star 6 – 8th
“Abby rose to the occasion with determination and confidence and had a beautiful performance,” said coach Allison Scott.

Abigail Smail
Silver report card
“Abby had a peppy and great skate as she always rises to the occasion at competition,” said coach Allison Scott.

Emma Morrow
Silver report card
“She had strong positions in her camel/sit spin combination, good height and flow in her jumps, and lovely presentation,” said coach Allison Scott.

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