Editorial: Interesting tidbits

With all of the public and working meetings involved with the Upper Canada District School Board’s Accommodation Review Committee process, there has been an inundation of information presented. Much of the information related directly to schools, how they operate and how they are funded. There has also been a great deal of information released showing what our rural neighbours are doing.

Take North Glengarry, for example. Population-wise they are slightly smaller than South Dundas, but that size has been capped due to issues with the water systems in Alexandria and Maxville. South Dundas faced a similar challenge just over 10 years ago. That township’s council has proactively hired Daisy Group, a government relations and lobbying consulting firm from Toronto. That company has strong ties to both the provincial and federal Liberal parties and was founded by Warren Kinsella. During the township’s presentation to the ARC meeting January 23rd, it was indicated that they were close to getting the funding to upgrade their water systems and unlock their development potential. Great news for North Glengarry.

We also learned of what South Stormont is doing regarding development in that township. They already have the highest residential growth rate of the six municipalities that make up the United Counties at 30 per cent. South Stormont is on track to have the largest population in the counties within 15 years. What is also interesting are the strategies that township is using for preparing and attracting new industrial and commercial development.

South Stormont has 100 acres of land in Ingleside near Highway 401 and the railway line that is designated  under Ontario’s Certified Site/Investment Ready Program. This is the same program that Edwardsburgh-Cardinal used for their industrial park in Johnstown. The same land that was bought by Giant Tiger for their new distribution center, which is due to open in the summer of 2018. South Stormont also has 640 acres of land in Long Sault for industrial and commercial development.

With the current threat to our schools, we are sitting at a crossroads. These tidbits of information are a good benchmark for residents of South Dundas in gauging the municipality’s priorities, and in determining the direction this community should go.

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