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With Christmas just days away, it seems like a good time to focus on who we think should definitely be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, this year.

There are many individuals, businesses, and groups that commit their time, energy, and money to making life in South Dundas better for everyone in one way or another and we want to take this opportunity to give a hearty shout out to all those volunteers and donors who do so much good all year round. They are truly the unsung heroes of this rural community.

Our local food bank, now named Community Food Share, sees tremendous support from all sectors of the community, from the local individuals who volunteer their time and energy to keep the food bank running smoothly to the businesses and service clubs who donate money or in-kind support to keep the charity afloat.

The Dundas County Hospice also receives a huge amount of local support, ensuring this seemingly invisible, but much-needed service and resource is available in our own community.

The Royal Canadian Legion branches in Morrisburg and Iroquois, along with their Ladies Auxiliaries, donate a significant amount of time, money, and energy to various projects and charities throughout South Dundas from January through December every year. While some of what they do is publicized, much is not.

Similarly, the local Lions Clubs also contribute in many ways to the South Dundas community and while some of their good deeds are spotlighted, there are many things they do quietly that are never acknowledged, but that mean so much to so many.

Looking for more occupants of the ‘nice’ list? Local church groups, school clubs and volunteers, and businesses large and small.

Local clubs and committees, such as the now defunct Williamsburg Harvest Fest Committee to the recently up and running Matilda Memorial Recreation Committee. Youth organizations. Sports clubs. All individuals and groups not already mentioned who go out of their way to make this ‘the’ place to live, work, and play.

South Dundas’ ‘nice’ list knows no barriers, no limits. Generosity and goodness of spirit are universal traits; neighbours helping neighbours regardless of differences. For this, and for many other reasons, we are proud to be part of the South Dundas family.

Thank you to all those kind-spirited and compassionate people who give of themselves, their time, and more.

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