Jr. B Lions name season’s top players


 “I knew if I surrounded myself with some good coaching talent, we could turn it around. It took us about a month, but we did it,” said  head coach, Mark Evans at the  Morrisburg Junior B wrap-up banquet on Saturday, March 22. “We are looking forward to next year. There are people approaching us and that makes me damn proud.”

“I want to thank Shawn and Dave for their input. I think we are a great team and I couldn’t have done it without you guys,” said Evans as he thanked his coaching staff.

Evans, who started the year as an assistant coach, took over as head coach in November with the team holding a dismal one-win record in 14 games. He then put together a coaching team that included assistants Shawn Blanchard and Dave Veenstra and trainer Dale Lewis. It was an uphill battle from there, but the coaching staff, management and players hung tough, worked on their game plan and by the end of the season were holding their own.

At the banquet, the management and coaching staff, made it clear how proud they were of all of the players for taking it to the end.

This year the team came under the new ownership of Kevin Casselman, Rick Gilmer, Gary Brownlee and Dale Lewis. Speaking on behalf of the management, Kevin Casselman thanked all of the volunteers who helped with everything from music, to timekeeping to fundraising. Volunteers with the team included Jason broad, Jack Bjergso, Chris Harrington, Tracey and Chris Mabo, Rosann Brownlee, Patti Laframboise, Paige Morris, Erein Gilmer, Marilyn Crabtree. Lois Casselman, Bonnie Barkley, Brenda Stitt and Lisa Whelan. 

PIctured is retiring team captain Drew Veenstra with Lions coach Mark Evans. Veenstra was named the team's MVP.

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