Addition to the new Iroquois waste water treatment plant


It’s not even finished yet, but the new Iroquois Wastewater Treatment Plant is already getting an addition.

A year ago, South Dundas council decided that the sequencing batch reactor tanks at the new waste water treatment plant in Iroquois would be covered with fibre reinforced plastic, rather than be located within a building, because they believed that was the most cost effective option. 

Now, a year later, they have changed their minds.

At the July 16, council meeting South Dundas council was told that the pricing for the installation of FRP covers came in at $1.3 million, no longer making it a cost effective alternative.

Instead, it was recommended that the tanks be covered with a masonry structure.

“This might just be a blessing in disguise,” said South Dundas councillor Jim Graham. Council agreed, approving the change.

The additional 5,000 square foot masonry structure will cost up to $1.1 million and add about 16 weeks to project completion.

The report from AECOM Canada, of the project management team, points out that housing the tanks within a masonry building allows the plant to run more efficiently, particularly in the winter months. It also aids in controlling odours and results in a more aesthetically pleasing building.

“The masonry cover can be accommodated within the approved funding envelop,” reported South Dundas chief administrative officer Steve McDonald. 

Through this funding envelop, South Dundas has already been able to do significant work on Iroquois underground sewer infrastructure. 

This new spending will have some impact on the amount of infrastructure work that can be done through existing funding, but the impact will be minimal.

South Dundas should still have about $2.9 million worth of funding left to spend on sewer system upgrades in Iroquois. The funding will be fully utilized before the March 2105 cut off date.

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