Police knocking on doors, and more


Door-knocking is one area where the SD&G OPP have had a lot of success over the past year.

OPP Sgt. Brent Mattice explained to South Dundas council at the February 19 meeting that door knocking is a process whereby police randomly knock on the door of a residence where one of its occupants is under release conditions.

Through this, police are able to determine whether the person is complying with the conditions of his/her release.

Although it does take time, Mattice reported that it is a worthy endeavour, which has resulted in the arrest of 20 individuals who were not complying with conditions.

“It’s a good process,” said Mattice. “The bad guys know that we (the OPP) are out there, we’re active and we’re checking on them.”

Calls for service

Mattice reported that although the local detachment is short-staffed, they have managed to handle the calls for service, even though the numbers have increased slightly over last year. 

South Dundas recorded the second highest number of calls for service of the six municipalities in the United Counties, according to Mattice. However, he added that the number of calls to each was very similar, with the exception of North Stormont.  

New tool at the disposal of OPP

The police services board has purchased a portable device that police can attach to a sign post to monitor traffic flow and speeds. 

“It should provide us with a lot of meaningful data,” said Mattice, explaining that with the use of this device they will be better able to identify problem areas in need of further enforcement.

Collisions rise

The number of traffic collisions has increased slightly from last year, but Sgt. Mattice reported the upside of the stat. “The number of fatalities has decreased,” said Mattice. Last year there were 10, this year six.

Traffic enforcement goal

Distracted drivers continue to be a key target for traffic enforcement for the OPP in SD&G and across the province.

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