1.5% per cent more for Counties


United Counties Council wrapped up budget deliberations after settling on a 1.5 percent tax increase for the average residential property owner.

The increase will add about $16 to the county portion of the average residential property tax bill, reported South Dundas Mayor and County Councillor Steven Byvelds following the February 20 budget meeting in Cornwall.

In SD&G the average residential property is assessed for $171,250.

Last year, in South Dundas, the property taxes paid on that $171,250 home were $2,330. Of that amount, $1,118 went to the United Counties, $378 went to the province for education and $834 remained with South Dundas. 

The tax dollars collected through the county portion of the tax bill mainly support the road system (47%), policing (23%) and health and social services (23%).

South Dundas council will start South Dundas budget deliberations in early March.

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