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Giving Birth at Our Age

Friends, first of all, may celebration of the birth of Christ child bring new life to you wherever you are.  The witness of scripture in the gospels tell the reader that this child would even the rough spots, raise the lowly, ignite the Christ-light in each human and affirm God’s presence in creation from before to beyond. 

This time of year belongs to faith communities to tell the story filled with wonder and joy, to sing joyfully, to share abundantly in response to God’s gift of revelation in Jesus the Christ. 

However you do this be assured that however it happens God will work wonders through your efforts.  

Whatever age you are, know that God does birth new life through you.  Blessings and peace for Christmas 2012, Rev. Arlyce

A Prayer for Christmas and New Year

by Nellis L. McClung

Lord, let me live while I can see the beauty of the 

blossoming tree,

The message in the wayside flower, and love it for its one short hour;

While morning song of lark and jay, can scatter all my doubts away,

And lift my poor heart from the sod, and tell them 

I am born of God;

While I can feel I’m linked with all the burdened ones who halt and fall,

While I can feel my share of blame in every cheek that’s dyed with shame,

While I can feel life’s burdens sweep across my heart and drive out sleep;

While I can suffer, hunger, strive, Lord, let me live

—for I’m alive.

But if the time should come when I forget to lift my eyes on high, forget to

Seek for love divine, or seek it but for me and mine; 

when my dim eyes

Shall fail to trace Thy image in each human face, when lulled by comfort,

Ease and pride, I find my soul is satisfied to build its house of wood and hay, 

Letting the old world go its way; content to preen before a glass where wounded

Ones barefooted pass, easing my conscience if I must by throwing hungry dogs

A crust, then, Lord, they crowning mercy shed and let me die

—for I am dead.

Written by Nellie L. McClung 

Copyright, Canada, 1915, Wm. E. Coutts

The Rev. Arlyce Schiebout

Lakeshore United Church



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