Iroquois clinic project on again


 Just a day after the project that will put the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic in a newly renovated space in Morrisburg broke ground, South Dundas municipal officials announced that the St. Lawrence Medical Clinic in Iroquois will also be getting a new home.

A partnership between the SLMC and Township of South Dundas will see the former St. Cecilia Catholic School building in Iroquois retrofitted to provide a new modern clinic in Iroquois.

Earlier this year, the Township and the SLMC had been discussing a partnership to provide modern, accessible space on a long-term lease basis, similar to the arrangement that will provide a modern Clinic in the redeveloped Morrisburg High School. In August, the SLMC backed away from the project citing an uncertain future with respect to Provincial support of rural medicine. But now, the SLMC has a renewed interest in the project.

Mayor Steven Byvelds welcomed the news of the expanded partnership. 

“As I stated back in August, the Township of South Dundas is willing to work with the SLMC to provide for the health care needs of our residents,” said Byvelds. “Expanding our partnership with the SLMC in Iroquois will put in place a community owned medical facility that will aid in attracting new physicians, provide greater efficiency and accommodate growth for the next twenty years. The two new clinics will provide great health care for years to come.”

South Dundas has purchased the former St. Cecilia school for $80,000, an amount that was based on an appraisal, according to McDonald.

The lease between the township and the SLMC will be structured such that all costs, including the purchase, retrofit and operating costs will be paid by the SLMC. “This will be a full cost recovery project,” said McDonald.

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