Fifty year celebration for Timothy Christian School


Students at Timothy Christian School (TCS) celebrated the 50th day of their school’s 50th year on Wednesday, November 14 with a fun day of dressing up, decorations, cupcakes and more.

Many Grade 1 students in schools across the country mark the 100th day of school with special activities where they have an opportunity to count to 100. 

In honour of Timothy Christian’s 50th school year, all students from junior kindergarten to Grade 8 were involved in 50 day. 

Each class worked together to make a display or structure using 50 pieces of a school supply/item. 

Creative ideas included 50 magnets to spell TCS, 50 blocks lined up like dominoes, 50 pencils in the shape of the number 50 and 50 pieces of chalk to make a building using clay as the vertices.

Students also dressed up to showcase the number 50. 

They wore 50 bracelets, put 50 hair ties in their hair, put 50 post-it notes or stickers on their shirts and painted the number 50 on their faces. 

For 50 cents they could purchase a cupcake at recess with the money raised to be used to buy school supplies in a developing country. 

In the morning, at a short chapel (assembly), the students shared their top 50 reasons why they love Timothy Christian School. Reasons ranged from “we have great teachers” and “we can learn about God every day” to “fun intramural programs” and a “new play structure to play on”.

“Fifth day is just one of the activities planned to celebrate our school’s 50th anniversary year,” says Gary Postma, principal of Timothy Christian School. “TCS began offering Christ-centred education to area students in 1963. Now we’re teaching the third generation of students and it’s an exciting time in our school’s history.” 

More can be learned about Timothy Christian School visit at the school’s website at or by visiting on a Welcome Wednesday. 

There is no appointment necessary to meet the staff, see the facility and learn more about how faith is incorporated into everyday learning. 


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