On air for Hospice Care

“I believe that Hospice care is an extremely important part of any community,” said Hanna Rycroft, who turned the Basket Case, a Morrisburg business she co-owns, into a live radio satellite station on Saturday, November 3. 

“People can freely go to the hospice when they have the need. And families can be with their loved ones day and night, not in a hospital setting, but instead in a caring and home-like environment.”

Rycroft volunteered her business to be a local focus for the 4th Annual Telethon for Hospice on November 3. She also offered  people who dropped in to the Basket Case, and made a donation of at least $5, soup and cake.

The Telethon was organized by TVCogeco in conjunction with Variety 104.5 The goal set for the November 3 Telethon was $80,000. Rycroft hoped that area residents would help the Telethon make that goal.

“Hospices receive very limited provincial and federal funding,” Rycroft said. “Most of their funding comes from events like this one.”

“Many people may not know this,” said Angie Baker, general sales manager of Corus Entertainment, the parent company of Variety 104.5, 101.9 CJSS and the CornwallDaily.com, “but the Cornwall Hospice actually supports the people in this area. Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, as well as Russell, are served by this hospice. It is really a vital part of this community as it is the only hospice that is near to local people. The next closest hospice is actually in Ottawa.”

This is the first time since the Telethon began that organizers have set up a satellite location during the fund raiser. 

“Because many local people cannot get TVCogeco, where the fundraiser is broadcast live, we decided to set up a radio connection here in Morrisburg. We hope people turn out to support us.”

On hand, broadcasting from the Basket Case was Courtney Chambers, the midday announcer of Variety 104.5.

Also on site were volunteers from Scotiabank.

“Scotiabank has made a $5,000 donation to the Hospice cause,” Hanna Rycroft said. 

The volunteers were on hand to greet the public and to help people complete donations forms. 

Rycroft hopes that awareness and understanding about the importance of Hospices is raised during the Telethon. 

“We had one lady visit today whose husband passed his last days in the Cornwall hopice. She told me that he said that hospice was like paradise. The people who work in hospice care are kind and good. They welcome those who need them.”

Rycroft particularly hopes that young people educate themselves about how important quality hospice care is for any community. 

She has also has a challenge for area businesses and individuals.

The Basket Case has pledged to donate $100 a month for the next 12 months to the Cornwall Hospice. She hopes that others will also make pledges so that the work of hospice care can continue. The telethon surpassed their goal, raising over $107,000, with the Morrisburg location contributing $5,000 to the total. 

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