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Three teams of Morrisburg Curling Club day-time men were in Winchester last week for a friendly bonspiel where they reported the ice was fast and very slippery.

Jack Barkley, Ted Herriman, Earl Jeacle and Eric Johnson, as well as Pete Zeran, Karl Duncan, Gerry Thompson and Robert Martin won their games. The Winchester hosts eked out a victory against our third team, made up of Keith Brannen, Ray Benoit, Paul Gunther and Paul Dobry. 

A couple of their curlers fell, along with one of our men. Fortunately, all survived, and after a delicious lunch and a few stories, our fellows rolled south to our home club, looking forward to Winchester’s return visit.

Last week also, Alice Thompson, Susan McIntosh, Betty Locke and Sharon Van Allen left town for a day. They were in Ottawa, at the Riverview Ladies Club at the R. A. Centre, and reported that the ice was very fast and quite swingy. 

Their morning opponent was a Navy foursome. After figuring the ice out, and tied coming home, our ladies were counting four when Navy pulled a rock in to out-count them and take the match. After a fine meal in the restaurant, our team defeated Prescott in the afternoon and returned with very nice prizes. 

Like the McGann rink last week, our ladies were surprised with black-clad witches and other seasonal outfits. Our morning competitors this time, the Navy team, were dressed as bats, and won top prize for their costumes. These women sure love theme bonspiels! 

Mahlon Locke reports that a woman, from Cornwall, I believe, is going to try to organize a bonspiel here, perhaps in January, in support of Alzheimers patients. If she’s successful, we’ll get the information to you.

There is considerable information in the clubhouse regarding out-of-town bonspiels at various levels, for men and women, of interest to curlers in several divisions. Why not look them over, and try some of them? It’s a very pleasant way to spend a day, see other clubs, and a chance to make new friends. 

Arguably the best of the competitions is the Dominion Tankard, the O.C.A. Men’s Curling Championship, being held in Barrie from February 4-10. There’s information at the bar, and whether you’re interested in competing or observing, it’s always some of the best curling in Canada.

Glenn Cougler still has an opening for a local team in the invitational stick bonspiel. Check with him if interested.

More of our curlers are off to bonspiels this week, and we’ll report on those results next time.

We remind you that visitors are welcome at our club, and that it is open for rentals for special events such as staff parties and other activities, as well as bonspiels. It’s always wise to book early, as the club gets busier on weekends as the season goes on. Mahlon Locke, our president, can provide the details.

And finally, a note of thanks to our many sponsors whose signs are displayed at the rink, and who help our club financially. We know members and visitors will cultivate these fine corporate citizens’ businesses. 

Good curling, folks!


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