Iroquois-Matilda Lions cooks up big contribution for Meals on Wheels


While the local Meals on Wheels was packing up lunch on Friday for 41 area clients, Walter Reid, 1st vice-president of the Iroquois/Matilda Lions Club dropped in at the busy kitchen in Morrisburg to hand over a very appreciated cheque for $1,000. 

The Iroquois/Matilda Lions were answering the call to help Meals on Wheels purchase some needed insulated trays/tray liners which are used in the delivery of meals to clients in Morrisburg and Iroquois. 

With a cost of $700 for 10 trays and another $800 for 20 lines, Reid, who is also a volunteer driver with Meal on Wheels, pointed out, “you can see this donation won’t go very far. We (the Lions) heard that Meals on Wheels was in need and we wanted to help out.” 

On hand to accept the donation was Meals on Wheels Executive Director Glenn Beckstead and treasurer Bob Ruddock, along with Ruth Doesburg and Audrey Bruining who were busy packing up Friday’s lunch which consisted of pea soup, salmon loaf, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables and apple pie. 

“Our service is available, basically, to anyone who is unable to prepare his/her own meals,” said Ruddock.

For some clients the service is used on a fairly permanent basis, for others it may be short term, while recovering from an illness or hospital stay for example.

Beckstead said the local Meals on Wheels has become very busy of late. “The demand has gone crazy in the last three months. We’ve gone up 10 clients.”

Doesburg, who has been cooking for nine years, said it was the largest number she has seen since she started with the service.

Clients pay $4 for their meals.

The food is packed in the tray liners which are then set inside the covered trays, which in turn are packed in insulated covers. The 60 plus volunteer drivers then deliver to the Morrisburg/Iroquois area clients, leaving the day’s tray liner with the food, and picking up the liners left on previous days.

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