Season of the Pumpkin People is upon us


The spark of a new idea coming to fruition at Upper Canada Village has ignited a number of area partnerships between the business community and the St. Lawrence Parks Commission. 

The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce is fueling the fire of Pumpkinferno by helping spread the seasonal  theme throughout the community.

Last week, in anticipation of the kickoff of Pumpkinferno at Upper Canada Village, the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce launched  “Season of Pumpkin People” at the Upper Canada Playhouse.

Through the Season of Pumpkin people, the organizing committee hopes to get area businesses and residents to create Pumpkin People/Scarecrow displays at their homes and businesses to create a festive harvest season atmosphere throughout South Dundas in support of the Pumpkinferno event at the village which aims to bring 20,000 visitors to the region.

The organizing committee is chaired by local artist Gene Ward.

“We would like to see people make an effort to create their own pumpkin people displays in whatever way they feel is appropriate,” said Ward. “Maybe it will be something so small it will fit in your hand, or maybe something giant. Really the purpose is to engage people in the community to get involved so that people from outside the community can take an interest in the area.”

“Also, this is a great opportunity to promote the area at a time of year which is traditionally a down time for businesses,” said Ward. 

“To have Upper Canada Village include us is a big bonus for this area,” he added. “We need all the help we can get.”

South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds congratulated the chamber of commerce, Ward and the event team on getting involved in this partnership with Pumpkinferno. “We always look forward to forming partnerships, especially partnerships with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission,” he said. “I’m certain the community will buy into this theme.”

“This is a really great opportunity,” said South Dundas Chamber of Commerce President Chuck Barkley.

Nicole Sullivan, South Dundas economic development officer reiterated the importance of working with the SLPC in this initiative.

She spoke about the creation of the theme which was designed to build on the agricultural roots of the community and expand on the highly successful Harvest Festival theme of the 21 year event in Williamsburg. “The way Williamsburg is decorated for the harvest festival really brings that community to life,” she said. 

“This is wonderful,” commented Susan Leclair, corporate marketing and devlopment officer for the St. Lawrence Parks Commission. “We are delighted to have your participation and cooperation.” Of the 20,000 visitors the commission hopes to bring to Pumpkinferno, Leclair said, “I hope they want to visit your businesses as well as ours.”

“It’s one of those events where the pictures don’t really do it justice. We have a great feeling about this event, and we hope we have a winner on our hands.”

In closing she thanked the chamber for embracing Pumpkinferno adding that they hope to build on it in the future.

Those who create a Season of Pumpkin People display, can fill out a registration form to be eligible to win random prizes. The early bird draw prizes of free admission to Pumpkinferno were won by Williamsburg Garage and Brian and Jane Cox.

Registration forms can be dropped off at Candy’s Hair Salon/River Rat Treasures in Iroquois, the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce office in Morrisburg, Williamsburg Garage in Williamsburg or H&I Country Supply in Brinston.

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