Donkey pulling cart uphill in South Dundas


Dear Editor,

In response to you font page headline of September 12, “Council nor riding horse in same direction”…perhaps you could create a cartoon depicting three individuals driving a donkey pulling a buggy with two people as passengers with the headline “Can you spot the Jackasses?”

Some individuals of this council are adopting a McGuinty/Obama approach to spending our hard earned tax dollars. Council is supposed to be accountable to “We the people” especially when large outlandish expenditures are brought forward.

The “High School Project” appears to have close ties to the Federal Government F-35 procurement for fighter jets. It will cost more than first quoted, will it be sustainable and are they in damage repair mode to cover their a…?

Ottawa has the same problem–the Landsdown project will be way over budget, too…McGuinty spent $600 million to move a power plant to pick up votes…Should taxpayers be responsible for all the “politicians’ errors”?

Were our mayor and council not brave enough to put this to the people before they decided to renovate the old school?

As quoted in a “Complimentary Issue” of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder dated September 20, Stephen MacDonald estimated $7.5 for a new building…Is this for a replica of Boldt Castle?

Also, are there not enough qualified contractors in South Dundas to erect a suitable, cost effective, no frills building that will fill the needs of our council? I think there are.

Looking at the beautiful homes in our municipality, large farm buildings and the large storage bins for crops, we know we have a lot of deserving contractors capable of providing what we need.

Did everyone involved (elected and non-elected) officials brainstorm to look at every possible scenario for this needed space for employees? Was it every under consideration to build an addition on the building that has been home to our municipal business for a number of years?

Perhaps the Lutheran Church could have sold them additional adjoining land to make additions possible?

We, the tax payers have had a first hand look at large projects that had problems…the water treatment plant. Who was on the hook for replacing the sub-standard stainless steel? Who was accountable for reimbursement from the ones in charge?

Another example is the apartment complex in the west end of Williamsburg–flooded basements, leaking window etc.

Again, referring to the article in the Standard Freeholder, the awarded contractor “has some suggest cuts to lower the expense.”

Just what we need, more short cuts that may cause future problems and more expense.

Were there not any suggested short cuts in reference to the $7.5 million dollar “Trump Tower” that was also discussed? 

We the  taxpayers are daily reminded to lower our spending in these uncertain times and fiscal restraints are a must. Our Mayor, as quoted in the Standard Freeholder (Complimentary Issue) states, “But in the end, I hope it is the right thing to do.”

That sounds as comforting as being a passenger on an ocean liner speeding toward an iceberg field at full speed.

Why are we emptying our reserves to fulfill a fantasy while our infrastructure is crumbing–storm sewers need to be fixed, roads need repairs, docking facilities have been in disrepair for some time, bridge repairs, disposal sites are filling up

These projects, along with trying to hold line on property and business taxes, should be considered important. Oh yes, we will ask the government for funding!!! This too dries up…Will we ever see a front page headline that says “Mayor and council listen to people’s opinions”?

Granted, there are still some sentimental ties to the old high school. But the next generations and new people moving in to the community will not treasure it as past and present generations do.

Our grandchildren will be paying for this, and it means nothing to any of them.

Will more space mean more employees, more municipal vehicles, building administrator and support staff, larger cleaning and maintenance staff?

The larger building will mean more heating and cooling costs, elevator maintenance, insurances and programs, not to mention all new furniture and on and on …

Perhaps we should adopt Donald Trump’s method of proving competence. You are given a challenge to prove yourself. If you fail, “you’re fired”…but give our money back first.

Glenn Beckstead

Church Road 

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