Heel ‘n Wheel has five family-friendly routes


The Heel ’n Wheel for Local Cancer Care has taken off with a running start.  Six registered teams have already contributed to raising $27,980 for the inaugural walking and biking fundraising event, benefitting the WDMH Foundation. 

The event will be held on September 8th with seven starting locations that teams can choose to start their journey from: Morrisburg, South Mountain, Osgoode, Greely, Russell, Crysler, and Finch.  

On the day of the event, teams will walk or bike from these locations of varying distances, to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital.  

The starting location with the shortest distance is South Mountain, which is 18.6 kilometers from WDMH. The location with the longest distance is Greely, which is 33 kilometers from WDMH.  

Both of these starting locations offer family-friendly routes, because they divert walkers and cyclists along back roads, featuring lots of safety and caution signs along the way.  

The other routes that feature back roads are Russell at 23.8 kilometers, Crysler at 24.6 kilometers and Osgoode at 29 kilometers.

“We’re hoping that the five family-friendly routes will reassure parents’ apprehensions about bringing their children with them on such a long walk or bike ride,” said Arnold Scheerder, the new WDMH Foundation Board Chair.

“Our event organizers have also arranged to have pit stops so that participants have a chance to stop for a rest, a drink, some more sunscreen or a bathroom break,” he added. 

The Heel ’n Wheel will wrap up with a celebration BBQ in front of WDMH, complete with musical entertainment, children’s activities, and a presentation of awards. To find out more, visit heelnwheel.ca.

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