Folks not ready to give up on ball, just yet


A number of parents here are hoping that someday, baseball/fastball will again be popular.

With less than a handful of minor ball teams playing in South Dundas, Paul Sheldrick, who is heading up a T-Ball program in Morrisburg, says he hopes to see that change down the road.

“We all used to play ball in this town, and we would like to see it return,” said Sheldrick who had a 30 player response to his T-Ball program run on Monday nights in Morrisburg.

We have enough kids that we have divided them into four teams, and I have four parents who came forward as coaches. 

“A few of the kids are coming down from Iroquois, and I unfortunately had to turn a few kids down.”

Every Monday, Sheldrick and his coaches who include Bob Paradis, Daryl Martin and Jason Cole work with the kids on  their basic batting and fielding skills.

The evening then wraps up with a little game between the Orange Tigers and the Purple Dragons.

The registration cost was kept to a minimum for the eight week program and from it each of the players received a  team T-shirt.

“I have been working with Ben (Macpherson, South Dundas recreation coordinator) and the guys from the municipality have been out and fixed up the diamond.”

Sheldrick says that he is hoping that this year will be one small step in the right direction. He is hoping one of the current coaches will take over the T-Ball next year and he can move up.

“My thoughts are just to rejuvenate some interest in ball. We bought them all little shirts, which they will keep, and Bill Morrow really helped us out. We have a closing party planned for the Legion and Blues Bakery is donating a cake for the kids.”

“We have stepped up as citizens. We played ball here and we want to try to get the kids involved in it again.

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