Council supports outdoor rink in Riverside Heights


The South Williamsburg Recreation Association requested financial assistance from the Township of South Dundas under the Dollar for Dollar Capital Funding Program for the group’s outdoor rink at the Riverside Heights location.

At the June 26th council meeting, chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald said that “there are some concerns with this request,” which include the fact that it was submitted well after the November 30th deadline.

However, McDonald also pointed out that the request was for a “very limited amount of dollars” and the “test” rink they set up last year was well used. 

Councillor Jim Graham said, “it’s probably one of the most utilized recreational facilities in all of South Dundas” and councillor Archie Mellan agreed.

“Everybody uses it. I think it’s great. I’d support it 100 percent,” said Mellan.

Councillor Evonne Delegarde voiced concern with whether the request constituted an actual capital project. 

Either way, McDonald replied that the group would receive funding only the one time.

Delegarde highlighted the group’s assumption that the outdoor rink in Riverside Heights is necessary due to a shortage of rink space, pointing out that “there’s going to be an outdoor rink in Morrisburg this year.”

McDonald clarified that “if we can find a satisfactory location, it is certainly our intention to have an outdoor rink in Morrisburg this year.”

With deputy-mayor Jim Locke’s support for the request, mayor Steven Byvelds closed the discussion saying “if they can make it happen for that (amount of money), so be it.”

Council approved McDonald’s recommendation that the South Williamsburg Recreation Association be given 50 percent of eligible costs up to a maximum of $1,325.

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