Budget approved for new ‘super’ tanker


Having previously been granted permission to proceed with the purchase of a ‘super tanker’, South Dundas Fire and Emergency Services  chief Chris McDonough returned to council at the June 26th meeting to request budget approval for the purchase.

The tanker in question is a 2004 Western Star 3,000 gallon tanker from Eastway Emergency Vehicles. It will replace Williamsburg’s current 1985 Ford 1,500 gallon tanker.

While McDonough originally estimated the cost of the purchase to be about $130,000, the final tally actually came in a bit lower at $117,666.19. Included in the price, “this vehicle is currently having a new 3,000 imperial gallon tank installed with two porta-tanks mounted on each side of the vehicle and the installation of our dump valve,” reported McDonough.

He also pointed out, however, that further modifications will be needed, which are not covered in the purchase of the tanker: radio communication equipment, emergency lights and installation of an engine exhaust brake system.

McDonough believes these adjustments can be made for approximately $11,000, which would come from the Fleet Replacement Reserve.

Council approved the request. Mayor Steven Byvelds commented, “it’s an opportunity we need to take up.”

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