South Dundas Signs Commemorate War of 1812 Historic Areas


To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, six attractive blue signs have been strategically positioned in South Dundas to mark significant locations/events that took place at or nearby their locations. Two of the signs can be found at Mariatown which was located in a key place on the “life-line” of Upper Canada–The St. Lawrence River. It was at Mariatown that the first local volunteers mustered for duty. Two signs are located at Iroquois and two are on Highway 2 east of Morrisburg. The signs at Iroquois commemorate The American Landing and Occupation of the Front of Matilda and the Skirmish at Doran’s Farm. East of Morrisburg the signs mark The Burning of Nash Creek Bridge and the November 10 &11, 1913 Battlefield at the Nine Mile Road to Fetterly’s Farm. “What I am hoping is that people will stop, look and envision what happened 200 years ago,” says Morrisburg resident Bill Shearing who was involved in the South Dundas sign program. Shearing pointed out that the signs were placed where it was felt motorists could stop, pull off the roadway and read them. Brochures explaining the signs are currently available at the South Dundas Economic office in Morrisburg. In addition to the more widely known Battle of Crysler’s Farm, there were several lesser known events and skirmishes that took place in the South Dundas area. The sign pictured above, is located in a very picturesque setting on the westerly limit of Mariatown.


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