Making good deeds a habit


On June 16th, Issac Rutters had his hair cut at the Dutch Touch in Morrisburg. The remarkable thing about Rutters’ hair cut is that it is the second time he has grown and cut his hair for cancer.  

On September 24th, the grade 5 student from Rothwell-Osnabruck donated six three-inch ringlets of hair to Angel Hair for Children in Mississauga. That donation led to wigs for four children with cancer.

Feeling good about helping other children, Rutters decided to do it again. Dutch Touch hairdresser Melanie McCourt was able to retrieve 12 ringlets this time, double Rutters’ last donation.

Rutters is one of three children belonging to Jennifer and Jeff Rutters of Ingleside.

Alongside Rutters during the visit to the hairdresser was maternal grandmother Muriel McRoberts of Winchester.

She explained that one of Rutters’ sisters has been a regular visitor to CHEO and during one of those visits, grandmother and grandson learned of the idea of donating hair for cancer patients through one of the nurses on staff.

Together, the pair visited the cancer ward of the hospital and were shocked to discover how young the children were who had been affected by the disease. McRoberts said it was then that her teary-eyed grandson decided this is what he wanted to do.

In fact, going forward he intends to make the donation a yearly event. According to grandfather Lloyd McRoberts, “we call him the Chia Pet.”

Unlike many other companies that make wigs for cancer, Angel Hair for Children doesn’t have a length requirement.

According to McRoberts, the company was happy to receive the natural curly hair Rutters sent in last September.

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