Saving the ‘400’ cost township thousands


The decision to retain the South Dundas parcel of land known as the ‘400’ will cost the township $8,898.75.

At the June 5th council meeting, clerk Brenda Brunt requested that council authorize payment of the sum to MinCom Real Estate Brokerage for the commission on the “almost” sale of the property.

Council received three offers on the 397 acre property on County Road 8 opposite the Williamsburg landfill site, one of which was above asking price. 

On April 17th, in response to the large outcry from the South Dundas community, council passed a resolution to decline all offers on the land.

“The commission,” Brunt pointed out, “is payable when an acceptable offer is submitted and rejected by the vendor.”

Council, recognizing their legal responsibility, unanimously agreed the commission should be paid.

Councillor Evonne Delegarde provided “food for thought: we have to research the history of the property before we put them up for sale.” 

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