Letter-Dock disrepair, no surprise to boaters


Dear Editor,

I read with great interest in your May 30th, 2012 edition regarding the state of disrepair of our local dock in Morrisburg.

How dare our council state that “over the past few weeks our local dock has been declared unfit”. Where have they been over the past few years? 

I moved back into this area in 2008, and the dock was in a state of disrepair then! Why now is it being declared unsafe. My only obvious answer is that it is not a country road north of the 401 and in need of paving

We as local citizens of this municipality, buy our yearly or individual fees for docking.

Where has this money gone? Certainly not into security or someone checking who has paid and not paid. We have people driving all the way from Montreal to off load their oversized boats and park in the Morrisburg Legion parking lot for weeks on end. We have people with large sail and motorboats coming up late in the day and tying up. Are they paying? No! If they were, they would be mooring either at Crysler  Marina or Iroquois Marina.

To Ms. Delegarde, yes, there is a boat tour scheduled. This was for a fund raiser for the Galop Canal (organized in Morrisburg). Why you may ask. Because we care what happens in this area. I am involved in this venture with the Basket Case, donating my time and food to bring this function to fruition. Again, because I care! 

According to By-law# 2010-40, 2011-72 or 2011-80, the charge for the docking is $10 which I will personally pay.

Do not get me wrong Ms. Delegarde, I think yourself and one other person is doing a great job for this municipality. I champion you. It just irks me to no end that the village of Morrisburg is forever at the bottom of the list for getting anything done. It must be that the council thinks that we are self sufficient. Movers and shakers to say. Maybe we are. 

All the better for us, because if we had to wait for this council (Evonne excluded) our dock would be down river somewhere and Iroquois would be having a fund raiser for us!

Best regards

Gregg Foss


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