Loyalist Hotel sold


Ten years ago, Kris and Manu Sahota bought the Loyalist Hotel in Morrisburg with hopes and dreams of a bright future for their family.

Now, a decade later, the dream has come to an end. The Sahotas have sold the hotel and will hand over the keys to an unknown buyer at the end of May.

According to Kris Sahota, a numbered company bought the hotel “as is” and their identity and plans were not revealed at the time of the sale.

He revealed that there were several contributing factors in the decision to sell the hotel, including a recent car accident which has left him less able to handle the physical requirements of running a hotel this size.

Sahota also confirmed that he has no plans to purchase or start another business in the area. 

In fact, the family of five  is considering the possibility of selling their home in Morrisburg and leaving the area altogether in pursuit of a new dream elsewhere.

As for the future of the Loyalist Hotel, all that can be confirmed at this point is that the new owner will take possession of the building on June 1st.

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