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Does Anybody Love Me?

Not long ago I heard a guy on the radio mocking Jesus. “Who needs him?” he said. The sooner we get rid of our silly belief in Jesus the better, he added. 

According to this guy, believing in Jesus was just an old-fashioned out-dated idea. He especially thought it comical how those NFL football players point up to the sky after making some great play. As if there’s anyone up there, he went on to say.

Now we may not be ready to chuck our belief in Christ completely, but I think many today wonder about how relevant he really is. I mean, when life seems to be going half-decently, who needs Jesus? When we’re relatively happy, have friends, family and food on the table, hey, who needs Jesus? Right?

Sure, we may think that way, but if we’re honest, we’d have to admit that there’s another side to our lives. Despite how well we may pretend that our lives are going, despite how well they may appear to be going, all of us have our struggles and issues.

We have these places in our lives where all is not well. Where we have questions, doubts, hurts, and heartaches. Our relationships aren’t going as well as we pretend they are. There is stuff going on in our lives, sometimes in our hearts, that not everyone knows about. That we don’t want anybody to know about.

The issue may be a gnawing emptiness. We ask, “Does anybody really love me?” Or “would anyone love me if they really knew me?” 

Maybe it’s a deep sense of worthlessness. “Everyone else seems to have it so together, but not me. I’m a failure.” 

It could be loneliness. “How come everyone has friends, but not me?” 

Maybe it’s deep pain from hurts or abuse from the past. It could be an issue with a violent temper. Or some addiction, maybe hidden from others. Or maybe we wonder and worry about death.

Henry David Thoreau, the great American philosopher and writer once said that “most men live in quiet desperation.” 

It’s when we admit that we often live lives of ‘quiet desperation,’ and it’s when we acknowledge our deeper struggles and issues that we will finally see that, hey, maybe we do need Christ after all. 

In fact it’s because of this ‘quiet desperation’ and these struggles that we so much need him. It’s because of these things that Christ came. 

He himself said that he didn’t come for the healthy, but for the sick. He didn’t come for those who have it all together (or pretend to), but those who don’t.

When we cry out ‘Does anybody love me?’, we need to know that Christ does, and he proved it by dying on a cross for our sins. 

When we wonder if we have value, we need to realize that Christ dying for us gives us amazing worth. 

When we feel friendless, we need to know that when we receive him as Saviour we have a friend forever. 

When we struggle and hurt, we need to know that he understands and cares. 

When we worry about the end of life, we need to know there’s eternal life available in Christ.

Soon the churches of South Dundas will be working together for another year of Love South Dundas. 

It’s our attempt to reflect God’s love to our community. To show the love of Christ. Sure, we’ll hardly do it justice. It’ll be a tiny and imperfect expression of God’s love. Yet it’ll be us trying to point our community to Christ. The Christ we all need. Where we struggle. Where we are broken. Because we are sinners living in a sinful world.

Getting back to the guy on the radio… the guy who asked sarcastically “Who needs Jesus?” I would suggest that the answer is “Everyone.” If we’re honest.


Pastor Clarence Witten

Community Christian 

Reformed Church

Dixon’s Corners

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