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Our trees, their importance and beauty, versus the $$$

Dear Editor, 

This week, on one of our sunny spring days, we took a drive through the country–a favourite pastime of ours.

That afternoon brought back one of my greatest concerns–the clear-cutting of lan d for crops, by farmers, who are receiving unusual cash rewards.

We hear and see how developers are using fertile farmland and orchards, especially around cities, to build subdivisions and shopping centres.

Trees that are considered weeds by some, certainly have an important purpose in nature’s scheme. Bushes and swamps keep water levels high. Trees and hedgerows keep soil from blowing away. They provide a habitat for birds and animals. Tree are a pleasure to every eye.

Of course some of these changes are necessary. However, it seems to me some common sense restrictions need to be put in plav to keep control of this land clearing.

We all have a voice–a voice to let our elected municipal leaders, our federal and provincial members of parliament, know our convictions. It is vital to keep nature in balance.

If we neglect this issue, our actions will bring about a requiem instead of a resurrection for our beautiful countryside.

June Herriman

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