Celebrating lab week at WDMH


Do you know someone who has survived a heart attack, been diagnosed with diabetes, or received blood? Chances are they are here today because of the results generated in the lab. 

Medical laboratory professionals play an important role in everyone’s health, performing sophisticated tests that help your doctor make the right decision for you.

April 22nd to 28th is National Lab Week and at Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH), our lab team plays a key role on the health care team.

“Our lab staff provides the data that doctors need to make clinical decisions about patient treatments,” noted Cholly Boland, CEO. “Their specialized training is crucial to ensuring the very best care for our patients.”

WDMH’s lab team includes six laboratory technologists and seven laboratory technicians. These professionals collect, test, analyze and interpret results on samples of tissue or fluid. 

WDMH has a full core lab, offering all services to inpatients and outpatients, including transfusion services. Last year, more than 200,000 tests were completed.

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