‘Fired up’ for Pumpkinferno

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The St. Lawrence Parks Commission will be launching a new Halloween event this fall at Upper Canada Village  all built around a pumpkin theme, Pumpkinferno.

Imagine thousands of pumpkins, four thousand and some odd pumpkins to be exact, but not just any pumpkins. Each pumpkin will be hand-carved to become part of a massive and mesmerizing display of artist-inspired pumpkin installations, arranged in an outdoor exhibit staged at Upper Canada Village.

The designing will start in May, and the carving in June, right through to the opening of the event on Thanksgiving weekend.

The thousands of pumpkins will last from June until October because, for the most part, they will be artificial pumpkins made from moulds of a variety of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

The Commission is currently recruiting, from the region, the most creative and ambitious people they can find.  A new product development and design officer will lead a team of two graphic designers and ten students from the design field in turning this vision into a reality.

If you are an artist (or know of an artist) who would find fulfillment in expressing your creativity through the presentation of a pumpkin exhibit, then the St. Lawrence Parks Commission may just have the challenge you’re looking for.  

Anyone who thinks they might be a candidate for the Pumpkinferno team can find out how to apply at www.parks.on.ca.

The hauntingly beautiful display will be open select evenings from October 5 until October 31, 2012.

“We can’t wait to get started on the development of Pumpkinferno, and see this event as the chance to showcase some real artistic talent from the region,” said said Jancis Sommerville, special events, promotions and sponsorship officer for the St. Lawrence Parks Commission.

“We want to create a Pumpkinferno team whose creativity will shine through in their ability to draw, design, carve, construct and add special effects, all with an eye to a unique visitor exploration of a maze-like outdoor exhibit, set against the historic backdrop of Upper Canada Village,” continued Sommerville.

“We want a Pumpkinferno team that’s all ‘fired up’.” 

The new event recently received $75,000 in funding from Celebrate Ontario.  This funding will be used towards the purchase of over 4,000 artificial pumpkins.

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